About Hair Shots and Hair Scents

The company was founded by Amy Lance, in 2004, when she realized her own daughter needed a portable, spray-in hair scent to keep her hair smelling sweet all day. Hair Shots is perfume quality hair fragrance that is heat activated. When your head heats up, which naturally happens when we walk, play sports or exercise Hair Shots’ hair scent intensifies without adding oil or drying out your hair. The mission is simple: to boost the self-image of active girls and women everywhere by adding Hair Shots heat activated hair fragrance to sweaty heads.


How does it work?

Haven’t we all noticed that when we dry our hair, that great smelling shampoo scent disappears? Hair Shots starts where shampoos leave off. Apply Hair Shots to your wet, dry, clean, or non-shampooed hair to eliminate that wet dog smell on active kids, use before athletics / fitness classes, or just spray anytime for great smelling hair! Either way your hair will be fragrant all day!

purple-flowerThin Hair (3-4 sprays) purple-flowerThick Hair (4-5 sprays)purple-flowerSuper Thick Hair (6-7 sprays)purple-flower


Did You Know?


~Hair Shots keeps hair smelling great in between shampoos
~Great for hair extensions and wigs
~Eliminates burnt hair smell after flat ironing
~Perfect for your next blow out appointment
~Spray hair before early morning athletics and adult fitness classes
~Spray in ball caps, sports helmets, head bands and cold weather hats.
~Deters lice in kids
~100% Vegan
~Gluten free


Who can use Hair Shots?

sugar-crush-bundle-hair-fragrance From playgrounds and soccer fields to Pilates, our clientele ranges from pre-k to grandmothers. Hair Shots spray-in hair fragrances keeps tresses of all hair types smelling sweet all day without adding oil or drying your hair out! Don’t forget the boys! Our Apple Pear and Bamboo hair scents are popular guy scents!

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