Adventure Hair Say What

Adventure hair awaits. Oh, the adventure hairs we will go on. Oh darling, let’s be adventurer hair. I love famous quotes. And I love bending them to my will. Ha. Okay, so you’re probably thinking to yourself, “What on Earth does Amy even mean by saying that!?” Is that a thing? It most certainly... Read More

Excellent Hair…or is it Eggcellent Hair?

Excellent Hair. Eggcellent Hair. Get it? Am I funny or what? I’m super funny. Okay, maybe I’m just punny. Maybe. But how could you not be? It’s the season of eggs and bunnies and chocolate and springtime and just all around goodness! And to me nothing smells quite like spring like the... Read More

Say I Do to Wedding Hair

Say hello to wedding hair! That’s right, we are on the cusp of wedding season. Spring has sprung and so have the lace and frills and flowers and the flowing gorgeous luscious locks of your head. Ahhh wedding bliss…or is it? Wedding Hair Don’t Care There are so many of those shows that revolve around... Read More

Good Smelling Hair Perfume is On The Way!

A new good smelling hair perfume is coming soon. Spring has sprung and it’s time to get into that lab and get working! Good Smelling Hair Perfume Forever This is one of my favorite parts of my job. I get to be super creative and become a mad scientist. Insert evil laugh here. Oh who am I kidding? Everything I... Read More

Wild Hair…Don’t Care

Some days you just have to embrace your wild hair. Why spend time taming it, when you can just let it do its thing. Be free ladies, be free. But like also maybe just use one simple product. Let’s Get Wild Hair This week I challenge you do something wild along with your hair. Just do something you wouldn’t... Read More

Liven Up Your Hair for Spring!

It’s officially spring folks and it’s time to liven up your hair! And I’ve got 9 ways you can do it. OMG 9 WAYS?! But how can that be Amy, you say to yourself with a confused expression. Well I’m sure a few of you may have done some counting and noticed that I currently carry 9 scented hair... Read More

Sweeten Your Locks & Get Those Beachy Waves

I can hardly believe it but it is time to sweeten your locks and get yourself onto your spring break adventures. The weather is finally getting to where I like it. Hot and sunny. Sometimes making you sweaty. God bless Hair Shots for that reason! But pool floaties are screaming my name right now. I’m headed to... Read More

Good Hair Fragrance Creates Good Self Confidence

Good hair fragrance creates good self confidence. Now that’s a bold statement. And I like to make bold statements. But isn’t it so very obviously true? Just by changing one little thing in your daily routine can totally chance the outcome of that day. In a world where so much pressure is put on having a... Read More

Party Hair with Bamboo Hair Shots!

Woo! There is a lot going on this week and a lot of moments to have that party hair. I’m talking Academy Awards, Mardi Gras, and the beginnings of Spring Break. Can you believe its practically March? Where did February go? I feel like I’m getting too old and time is moving way too fast. Get Party Hair... Read More

Amazing Smelling Hair from Amazon!

Happy day to you all! Raise your hand if you have amazing smelling hair. Did you? You should be! You know what, both hands should be in the air. Ok, now let’s get real for a minute. Is anyone out there a serious Amazon shopper? More hands I see. Me too. I have to admit, I’m on there so often I buckled down... Read More
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