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Excellent Hair…or is it Eggcellent Hair?

Excellent Hair. Eggcellent Hair. Get it? Am I funny or what? I’m super funny. Okay, maybe I’m just punny. Maybe. But how could you not be? It’s the season of eggs and bunnies and chocolate and springtime and just all around goodness! And to me nothing smells quite like spring like the... Read More

Liven Up Your Hair for Spring!

It’s officially spring folks and it’s time to liven up your hair! And I’ve got 9 ways you can do it. OMG 9 WAYS?! But how can that be Amy, you say to yourself with a confused expression. Well I’m sure a few of you may have done some counting and noticed that I currently carry 9 scented hair... Read More

Fresh Hair, Don’t Care

I have fresh hair all the time. I’m serious, even when It’s Sunday and I washed my hair on Friday. I mean, it’s looking fresh and I just went through a weekend full of activities. THAT’s the magical power of Hair Shots. I toss in a little dry shampoo to liven up the volume again and then I... Read More

Sweeten Your Locks with Luscious Bundles

Do you know what I think about when I think of fall? Bundles of leaves. Bundles of pumpkins. Bundles of red, orange, and yellow crafting supplies. Have you caught the keyword? Sweeten your locks this autumn with our luscious hair fragrance bundles! Sweeten Your Locks My favorite bundle is obviously the... Read More

Fall in Love with a Touch of Sweet Scented Hair Spray

Is it horrible that I already want to decorate for fall? Even though we still have three more days of August? I need pumpkins already! Pumpkins and the color burgundy and sweet scented hair spray. So obviously I put together a bundle to match my mood. It’s what us more creative types like to do. Things based on... Read More

Coconut Mango and Summer Hair Scents Dreaming

Okay I know it’s just the beginning of April but I have summer fever! I want beaches and pools and the smell of suntan lotion mixed with yummy hair scents. Specifically Coconut Mango hair scents. This tropical tango of that coconut we love so much (hellooooo coconut lattes!) and literally the greatest fruit of... Read More

Happy Easter to You and Your Scented Hair

Do you know what I love most about Easter? Not the Easter baskets, or delicious peeps, but the families gathering together and enjoying each other’s presence. I think that’s what I love most about all the holidays. Good thing you’ve got yummy scented hair to go with you to your family gatherings! Am... Read More

Who’s Your Valentine Cupcake Hair Shot?

Yes, you read that title correctly. Who is your Valentine Cupcake Hair Shot? Or baby cakes….or love bug? I’m saying cute nicknames you call your significant! That’s all I’ve been thinking about on this day of Saint Valentine. Those funny little names to call the ones you love. How has your... Read More

Sweeten Your Locks with Perfume for Hair

Wasn’t this week magical? I mean, it included a three day weekend! Hello, fabulous! Were you able to get any items checked off on your to-do list? Or did you toss the list away and party all day? I did a little of both. But alas, with Labor Day comes the end of summer and it’s time to sweeten your locks... Read More

Smelly Hair Be Gone with Apple Pear Hair Fragrance

Next week September begins and honestly my mind is already on pumpkin spice lattes. That’s right, the moment September hits fall has begun. It’s already sweater season in the fashion world and everything is becoming a beautiful red, orange, yellow combination. Not to mention, all the yummy autumn food.... Read More
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