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Healthy Hair is Here so Have No Fear!

Who loves healthy hair? Me! I do! Who also loves having a healthy body? Me! I do! And I hope you do too. There are so many things out in the world to worry about and I feel like adding beauty products to the list should not be a requirement. But sadly there are some dangerous ones out there. Have no fear my friends,... Read More

Spray-In Hair Spray Saves the Day!

It’s hot. The only thing I need is spray-in hair spray now. The sun keeps coming out each day which means so does my hair perfume. I am sweating every day like a sinner in church. Ya feel me? I love so much that I created hair shots to be heat-activated. Which is like…blessings on blessings on... Read More

Luscious Hair Looks in 3…2…1…

How do you keep your luscious hair looks going after a full day? I mean, what if you get the perfect up-do for an evening but because of some scheduling mishap your appointment is 5 hours before the actual event? How will you ever keep your look in shape? What about those work days that go into work nights? No but... Read More

Adventure Hair Say What

Adventure hair awaits. Oh, the adventure hairs we will go on. Oh darling, let’s be adventurer hair. I love famous quotes. And I love bending them to my will. Ha. Okay, so you’re probably thinking to yourself, “What on Earth does Amy even mean by saying that!?” Is that a thing? It most certainly... Read More

Say I Do to Wedding Hair

Say hello to wedding hair! That’s right, we are on the cusp of wedding season. Spring has sprung and so have the lace and frills and flowers and the flowing gorgeous luscious locks of your head. Ahhh wedding bliss…or is it? Wedding Hair Don’t Care There are so many of those shows that revolve around... Read More

Sweeten Your Locks & Get Those Beachy Waves

I can hardly believe it but it is time to sweeten your locks and get yourself onto your spring break adventures. The weather is finally getting to where I like it. Hot and sunny. Sometimes making you sweaty. God bless Hair Shots for that reason! But pool floaties are screaming my name right now. I’m headed to... Read More

Tips, Tricks, & Smelly Hair Schticks

I love smelly hair. I love people. And I love people who have smelly hair.  Hearing about issues like these is my favorite thing because then I get to brainstorm and help you out! One of the ways that I can help you (stinky hair remedy searchers) is by providing you with my basic tips on keeping your hair fresh and... Read More

Move with Fragrances for Hair!

Ok so I know there’s always talk about getting that “summer body.” But what about now? What about the post-summer, practically fall, almost Christmas body?! We are headed into the season of eat until you pass out so let’s prep! Get your body to move with fragrances for hair! Move! Now what do... Read More

Pens…Pencils…Hair Perfume

Well good afternoon! Most of your kiddos started school this past week and have their first full week stating tomorrow. Hello Fall! Sort of…mostly…still in the 90’s for weather, but we’ll look past it. Did you make sure they packed their favorite hair perfume along side their pens and... Read More

Let the Hair Perfumes Protect You!

As you know, there are many, many, maaaaaany uses for my hair perfumes. For starters, so your hair smells amazing. Obviously. There’s also the ability to also spray it on your furry pet friends! If it’s safe for you to use, it’s for sure safe for your beloved fur babies. You can even spray my hair... Read More
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