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Summer Hair is Here!

School is out! Let the summer hair season begin! Finally we can let the beach breeze send us on our way and set our worries aside because the living is easy. Right? Ha! Okay so there will always be something to worry about, so you gotta take a break every once and a while. Why not take a break with Hair Shots? Sweeten... Read More

Mother’s Day All Day Every Day!

Happy Mother’s Day friends! I love all you mother’s out there and I hope your families have planned something special for you. I know a lot people work really hard to find that perfect gift a day like today. But I have to say, more times than not, just spending time with my family, even just sitting on the... Read More

Say I Do to Wedding Hair

Say hello to wedding hair! That’s right, we are on the cusp of wedding season. Spring has sprung and so have the lace and frills and flowers and the flowing gorgeous luscious locks of your head. Ahhh wedding bliss…or is it? Wedding Hair Don’t Care There are so many of those shows that revolve around... Read More

Wild Hair…Don’t Care

Some days you just have to embrace your wild hair. Why spend time taming it, when you can just let it do its thing. Be free ladies, be free. But like also maybe just use one simple product. Let’s Get Wild Hair This week I challenge you do something wild along with your hair. Just do something you wouldn’t... Read More

Liven Up Your Hair for Spring!

It’s officially spring folks and it’s time to liven up your hair! And I’ve got 9 ways you can do it. OMG 9 WAYS?! But how can that be Amy, you say to yourself with a confused expression. Well I’m sure a few of you may have done some counting and noticed that I currently carry 9 scented hair... Read More

Fresh Hair, Don’t Care

I have fresh hair all the time. I’m serious, even when It’s Sunday and I washed my hair on Friday. I mean, it’s looking fresh and I just went through a weekend full of activities. THAT’s the magical power of Hair Shots. I toss in a little dry shampoo to liven up the volume again and then I... Read More

Social Sweet to Sweeten Your Locks

Praise the heavens for the internet and social media. Nothing helps ME, help YOU, to sweeten your locks like a little daily post on the Hair Shots pages. And I’ve got all of them on lock down. Sweeten Your Locks Pinterest – Heyo, this one is so fun. I swear I come up with a new board for hair perfume and... Read More

Pens…Pencils…Hair Perfume

Well good afternoon! Most of your kiddos started school this past week and have their first full week stating tomorrow. Hello Fall! Sort of…mostly…still in the 90’s for weather, but we’ll look past it. Did you make sure they packed their favorite hair perfume along side their pens and... Read More

School Schmool…Hair Shots is Better!

Welp, it’s that time again. School season is upon us. The time where kids weep and parents jump for joy. Ha! Just kidding, the kids don’t always weep…mostly….some of the time. School Schmool I say! Playing with Hair Shots is way more fun! Forget the normal school supplies like pencils and... Read More

Sisterhood & Scented Hair Sprays

There’s a quote by author Isadora James that reads “A sister is a gift to the heart, a friend to the spirit, a golden thread to the meaning of life.” Hello my lovelies and hello National Sister Day! You’re probably thinking what on Earth does sisterhood have to do with scented hair sprays? Amy,... Read More
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