Hair Deodorizer Spray to Keep the Stink Away!

Hello summer travelers! Better pack your hair deodorizer spray because it’s time to hit the road and get to getting on those summer adventures. One of my favorite places that I traveled to recently is Joshua Tree in the deserts of California where we spent a weekend camping surrounded by astounding rock... Read More

Coconut Mango Hair Perfume + You = Perfect Combo!

Good day friends! It’s time to take out the summer hair perfume and get it going in the sun. This June I’m keeping Coconut Mango hair fragrance within reach at all times. I just want to smell like a tropical adventure forever and always. Is that too much ask? I think not! Hair Perfume Summer Dreams Have... Read More

A Hair Fragrance For Every Summer Adventure!

Okay this weekend was a heat doozy. I mean I was using every hair fragrance I’ve got left and right and up and down and all over. Air conditioner on full blast baby. High bills be darned. Welcome to June! And I have a feeling this weather is going to stay a while. But with summer also comes a whole bunch of... Read More

Hair Scent Spray, Today, Tomorrow and The Next Day

Good Morning hair scent spray lovers! It’s Memorial Day weekend which also means it’s a three day weekend! I’m not sure what you are doing this weekend to remember those who have gone before us and fought for our freedom, but I hope you are close to family. Memorial Day has always felt like one of... Read More

Hair Deodorizer Spray: A Summer Camp Essential

Ya’ll it is almost summer which means summer camps! So you have to make sure your little campers pack their hair deodorizer spray. I mean how many 10 year olds do you know who will remember to take a shower if you’re not there to tell them? Hair Deodorizer Spray Saves The Day When I was in college I would... Read More

Hair Freshener is for the Nature Nuts

Good morning Moms! Today is your day! How wonderful is that? Did you get the hair freshener you always dreamed about? I hope you did! And thank goodness the weather is just simply sublime. Hair Freshener Forever I love being a mom. And I love my mom and all the moms in my life. There are so many. One of my favorite... Read More

Hair Fragrance is for All Moms, Aunts, & Grandmothers!

Happy Mother’s Day! Almost…okay, so it’s a week away, plenty of time to get her some hair fragrance! Yes my friends it’s time to stock up. Ahh…but the real question is what hair perfume is the one for her? Which scent is the perfect embodiment of what makes your mom…mom? Or any mom... Read More

Hair Perfume Spray All Day, Every Day!

Hey babes! Spring is in full force and so is my hair perfume spray! It’s hot and time for flirty and free looks to embrace what your momma gave ya. And a time to try a new hair do! Have you ever seen those photos of someone flipping their hair back right out of the ocean? I love those! It’s so fun and... Read More

Perfume for Hair: Now Found at Pigtails & Crewcuts!

Do you spray in your favorite perfume for hair after a fresh cut to keep it lasting as long as you can? Because I sure do. I swear no matter how much product I use, or time spent using hot tools, I can never get it to look the way my stylist did it. But I can ensure it smells salon fresh! I love using Bamboo hair... Read More

Use Common Sense and Get Some Hair Scents

Yesterday I celebrated a good friends birthday and decided to party it up with Cotton Candy and Cupcake hair scents. Honestly what a magically delicious combination. We spent the day outdoors at this wonderful local outdoor market shopping center place. There were all kinds of local goods to buy plus a lot of yummy... Read More