Use Common Sense and Get Some Hair Scents

Yesterday I celebrated a good friends birthday and decided to party it up with Cotton Candy and Cupcake hair scents. Honestly what a magically delicious combination. We spent the day outdoors at this wonderful local outdoor market shopping center place. There were all kinds of local goods to buy plus a lot of yummy... Read More

Hello to Citrus Sugar Hair Mist, Goodbye To Smelly Locks

You know how on day three of not washing your hair, it starts to smell a little…funky? Time to break out Citrus Sugar hair mist! This particular hair perfume is my most recent creation and I am living for it’s spring soon to be summer vibes. It’s sweet but sassy. Cute but also hot. Vibrant yet... Read More

Hair Fragrance Will Help Fool Anyone Your Hair is Freshly Washed!

Oh what a day! It’s Easter and April Fool’s! Were there any baskets out there filled with some hair fragrance? I sure do hope so! I was so busy this last week filling out orders and sending your favorites bottles out as quickly as I could. Don’t want any disappointed bunnies out there. Not to brag,... Read More

Hair Deodorizer Bunny is On The Way!

Happy Palm Sunday! Celebrate with a basket full of hair deodorizer sprays! Easter is just one week away. My niece went and saw the Easter bunny and my goodness it was the cutest thing I have ever seen. But what a hassle I’m sure it was. She isn’t always down to take photos with bunnies. Are any of you... Read More

Spring Break Party with Perfume for Hair

I’m gonna soak up the sun! Happy Spring Break my lovers of perfume for hair! Who’s hitting the beach?! Oh I can’t wait to lay out my colorful beach towel, spray on sunscreen, open up a bowl of watermelon and let the sun do the work. Sun’s out, bun’s out right?? I have been waiting all... Read More

Sail Away with Coconut Mango Hair Scent Spray

Is it summer yet? You put the mango in the coconut and spray it all up. What? That song doesn’t go like that? It wasn’t written about the coconut mango hair scent spray? It should have been if I do say so myself. I think maybe my next venture will be song writing. Hair Scent Spray – Coconut Mango Ok,... Read More

Hair Fragrance: More Than Just For Your Hair!

Hair fragrance is a way a life as this point. Could you agree? I think so. I mean before I walk out of the bathroom, I open up my cabinet to pick my poison. There are NINE to choose from each day! I mean my hair can smell like a different hair scent every day of the week. I love it. And since there are so many... Read More

Hair Freshener Spray Your Way Into a Fresh New Do!

After a long week I think it’s time I hit that spa! The Sweet & Sassy spa for some hair freshener spray and a whole new freshened self! Okay so Sweet & Sassy is actually for kids…but sending your kids to a spa and having an afternoon without them sometimes feels like a spa for yourself too you feel... Read More

Cupcake Perfume Hair Spray To Keep You Cozy

Do you ever have those weeks where you’re just completely obsessed with something? Like something you love already but one week you’re just like I LOVE CUPCAKE PERFUME HAIR SPRAY!!! Because that’s how I’m feeling this week. It’s been my go-to hair fragrance all week and I just can’t... Read More

Hair Mist Spray Your Way Into Someone’s Heart

Happy Valentine’s Day my loves! Are you going to hair mist spray your way into someone’s heart this week? Oh how I love this fun holiday! Most people dread it if they aren’t in a relationship but I see it as an extra day to celebrate ALL who you love. Like best friends and sisters and children and... Read More