Hair Mist Spray Will Be Your Day to Day

Can you believe it? School is back in session! Which means that those fall sports are getting back in action as well. So grab your bag and your favorite hair mist spray and let’s get in those laps. Or hoops. Or touchdowns. Or volleys. I clearly know soooo much about sports. Well enough to follow along and know... Read More

Hair Perfume – Fit, Fun, and Fabulous

You know how everyone works really hard to get into their “bikini body” for summer? And like, ladies, so very proud of you if did that and proud if you didn’t because you like the way you are. Which you all should but also change something if you want to change. You do you boo. But my question is,... Read More

Sugar Crush your Hair Fragrance with this Sweet Bundle

Hey ya’ll, it’s time to get it together and get back to work. We gotta get our hair fragrance on lock and get back to boss mode. We are week one into August and I am trying to hold on to summer for as long as I can but I can’t let my work load pile up much longer. I need to find a way to stay focused... Read More

Back 2 School Shopping: Perfume for Hair Edition!

No Amy! Say it ain’t so! Oh, but it is. It’s almost time to get in that back to school shopping. And here’s where I think you should start first…Hair Shots! Yes, stock up on your perfume for hair or how else will you smell good all school year long? Perfume For Hair and the Books Textbooks?... Read More

Blow Outs & Hair Freshener Spray

Ya’ll this heat is killer. But do you know what else is killer? Getting a blow out and adding in some hair freshen spray to keep it long lasting! Can I get an amen? If you have never had a bottle of Hair Shots before and just need to smell them before you buy, head on over to Marbles Beauty Salon because they... Read More

Hair Mist Helps in this Heat!

Hot weather alert! My hair mist babies get ready to start spraying your life away. My goodness I feel like I’m melting. Am I melting? Can you even see me anymore? Oh yes, that puddle of mess over there in the corner? That’s me. Melted. Because it’s so insanely hot right now! Good thing hair perfumes... Read More

What’s Bamboo With You? Hair Perfume Just For You!

Ya’ll it’s hot. I mean, if you didn’t think summer was here, you are mistaken my friends. I’m grabbing my bamboo hair perfume like every hour because I am sweating up a storm. It just makes me feel so refreshed! Bamboo Hair Perfume Sure, it’s hot, but I just can’t help but to want... Read More

A Happy Hair Fragrance Fourth of July!

It’s finally here! Independence Day! Well, almost, it’s on Wednesday but I’m already seeing that red, white, and blue all over the place. So hold on to your hair fragrance, it’s gonna be a grand old holiday. I freaking love this holiday. In such a crazy time as this I feel like it’s... Read More

Hair Scents and the Perfect Weekend Getaway

Ahh the heart of summer. It’s upon us folks and it’s time to grab those hair scents and hit the road. And what better way to get out of town with the kids than to hit up your local Great Wolf Lodge! It is seriously the best place to “staycation.” While for some you friends this may mean only a... Read More

Hair Deodorizer Spray to Keep the Stink Away!

Hello summer travelers! Better pack your hair deodorizer spray because it’s time to hit the road and get to getting on those summer adventures. One of my favorite places that I traveled to recently is Joshua Tree in the deserts of California where we spent a weekend camping surrounded by astounding rock... Read More