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Hair Deodorizer – The Watermelon Way

Hello my sweet babes! Can you believe how warm it is getting? It is prime hair deodorizer season I tell you what! And guess what other season it also is? Club Volleyball season! Check out these wonderful girls who we met last year at the Lone Star Classic volleyball tournament. Unfortunately we are unable to attend... Read More

Hair Perfume Valentine’s Day Filled with Love!

Good morning my hair perfume Galentine’s! This year is just flying by and I can’t believe we are already in February and Valentine’s Day is this week! I am super excited to have a day completely focused on love and those you love. Hair Perfume For All I feel like a lot of people have mixed feelings... Read More

It’s A Hair Fragrance Hanukkah!

Happy Hanukkah my loves! I have to be honest, I don’t know much about Hanukkah other than it starts today and I am wishing everyone who celebrates the warmest of time in celebrating and spending time with those you love. Hanukkah Hair Fragrance Now I know Hanukkah takes place over eight nights and... Read More

A Happy Hair Fragrance Fourth of July!

It’s finally here! Independence Day! Well, almost, it’s on Wednesday but I’m already seeing that red, white, and blue all over the place. So hold on to your hair fragrance, it’s gonna be a grand old holiday. I freaking love this holiday. In such a crazy time as this I feel like it’s... Read More

Hair Fragrance is for All Moms, Aunts, & Grandmothers!

Happy Mother’s Day! Almost…okay, so it’s a week away, plenty of time to get her some hair fragrance! Yes my friends it’s time to stock up. Ahh…but the real question is what hair perfume is the one for her? Which scent is the perfect embodiment of what makes your mom…mom? Or any mom... Read More

Lone Star Days and Scented Hair Sprays

Volleyball is where it all started folks. Hair Shots was imagined through the morning practices and long weekend tournaments my daughter went throughout all her childhood. And we loved every minute of it! Because of volleyball, you have nine, amazing, wonderful, yummy scented hair sprays to choose from every... Read More

Hair Shots Takes On Volleyball

It’s that time of year again ladies! Volleyball tournament season is upon us and I could not be more thrilled! Up first, Hair Shots will be seen at the Mizuno Lone Star Classic happening April 11-13 and April 17-19. Most of you know how my daughter grew up on the volleyball court and was my inspiration for hair... Read More

Easter Baskets Full of Hair Fragrance!

Happy Easter to you! It’s this weekend can you believe it? It feels super early this year but it is one of my most favorite times of the year. The family gets all back together since Christmas and I love catching up with each and every member. Plus who doesn’t love a little egg hunt? Or waking up to see... Read More

New Hair Shots Website is Here!

Hello pretties! This has been a very exciting past couple of weeks for everyone over here at Hair Shots. When we weren’t in the lab cooking up some new on-the-go hair fragrances, we were working with our very important web team. They have been slaving my friends, on getting us a brand new, totally up to date and... Read More

Happy Easter Hair Shots Fans!

Good day my lovely followers! Wasn’t today just a beautiful day in lovely North Texas? If you don’t live here, you should. It was sunny and breezy. Perfect combination. And of course it was the perfect weather for me to use my Bamboo hair spray, so yummy and outdoorsy! And Easter wasn’t that half bad... Read More