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Hair Perfume is For the Snow Bunnies

I think I have a problem of always talking about how hair perfume is the perfect thing to get you in the mood for some tropical weather. But really, did you read my blog from last week? I go on and on about the ways to sweeten your locks to get ready for fun in the sun…but what about everyone who loves the snow?... Read More

Hair Fragrance as Your New Running Partner!

The idea for hair fragrance was born out of a smelly athlete’s mom who couldn’t stand the stench no longer. My daughter ended up with having gym class first thing in the morning for her high school schedule. But with only 10 minutes in between classes, there was no time to have a real shower, just a quick... Read More

Follow Hair Perfume and Follow Your Dreams

Okay how does following hair perfume mean following your dreams? Let me explain… Do you know what is so great about the world we live in? Social media! I’m serious. How else would you know about everything that’s going on with Hair Shots? And how else would I be able to keep up with you guys too? I... Read More

Hair Goals, Friend Goals, & More!

Sometimes hashtags speak truth am I right? Like the one for Hair Goals…oh wait, I’m sorry, I mean #HairGoals. Raise your hand if you’re guilty of looking that one up on the gram all the time. Or maybe you’re the type that prefers #SquadGoals? #RelationshipGoals? #FitnessGoals? #EducationGoals?... Read More

Sweeten Your Locks Before School Girl

Sweeten you locks girl! It’s time to get ready for school! Yes, I said it. It’s that time of the year again, where we put away our itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini and pull out our backpacks and loafers. Okay, maybe you’re more a sneakers gal, but do you know what everyone totally needs... Read More

Good Hair with Good Friends

Good friends help you have good hair am I right? Nothing like getting ready with your besties for a night out on the town and you all help each other get that perfect dancing look. I’m talking wavy curls, fancy braid, or a classic primped bob. Whatever hair is your blessing, a true friend will always make sure... Read More

Ring Ring…Summer Hair Spray is Calling

Ahhh the summer. When summer hair spray is always in my bag and the tan lines are growing stronger. Do you have your vacation itinerary set? What’s first on the list? Could it be packing? What?! No! Don’t speak those words you say. Come on guys, we all know that way to a happy vacation is packing properly.... Read More

Hair Perfume Helps You Too

Well it’s Memorial Day weekend and I have to say how grateful I am to have you guys, my hair perfume family, in my life. Yes, that’s right, I consider you all family. Because without you, Hair Shots wouldn’t be where it is today. Hair Perfume to the Rescue When holidays come around like these, ones... Read More

Mother’s Day All Day Every Day!

Happy Mother’s Day friends! I love all you mother’s out there and I hope your families have planned something special for you. I know a lot people work really hard to find that perfect gift a day like today. But I have to say, more times than not, just spending time with my family, even just sitting on the... Read More

Endless Summer Hair

I can let loose my summer hair now right? Because it’s May and that means it’s officially summer?¬†What do you mean the official first day of summer in June 20th according to the calendar? Not according to the weather! Summer Days, Summer Hair Okay, so picture this. School’s out, it’s vacation... Read More
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