Hair Deodorizer and Spark Hot Yoga

Good day friends! It’s June and it’s hot. Every morning I’m grabbing my deodorant AND hair deodorizer. Ya girl is smelly during the summer because I love being outside and it’s real warm outside ya’ll. Do you know what I also love? Hot Yoga! Can you believe I purposely choose to go inside a room that’s set to over 100 degrees just for me to do some yoga moves in for an hour? Well I do!

Spark Hot yoga and Hair deodorizerHair Deodorizer is a Must!

If you live in a little north of Seattle, then do I have a yoga studio for you. Spark Hot Yoga is an incredible place to get your sweat on for the summer. And they opened back up this week for classes since the quarantine began. Yay!  They offer a variety of classes and I know you will find one you love. My favorite class is Power. I’ve had some friends tell me they aren’t interested in yoga because it’s too slow or boring. Let me tell you, take them to a Power class and they’ll never say that again. The poses are intense but in a good way. You will feel like you have put in some good work and you are going to feel it the next day even if it doesn’t feel like you are doing that much work. A perfect combo in my opinion. Check out their store to find the full Hair Shots collection!

Now I like doing early morning classes to get my day started. And depending on how heavy of a day I have, I’ll have time to shower, but I won’t have time to wash my hair. So obviously I always pack a bottle of hair perfume with me! This week I’m using Bamboo hair deodorizer. Really feeling like I want to smell like nature, especially if we start doing tree poses in yoga class! What is your favorite type of workout class? What type of workout do you wish more people would try? Comment below with your answer and follow me on TwitterInstagram,and Facebook for daily updates and save 10% off your order of $60 or more with code: STOCKUP.

See you next week,