Hair Deodorizer for ALL The Mommas

Did you know that this past Thursday was National Daughter’s Day? And that Monday is apparently National Son’s Day? How great is this! I’ve got one of each! I love being a momma! It’s how my hair deodorizer came about in the first place. I was trying to create something for my kids, my daughter specifically.

Hair Deodorizer Mommahair deodorizer and moms

How many of you are moms? You are incredible! You do truly amazing things and still have time to look amazing. And even if you don’t feel like you look great, who cares, you are taking care of the tiny humans! Honestly, we are superheroes. Captain America has got nothing on us. He could never.

Since our lives seem so “go go go” pretty much all the time, I think it’s important to set aside one thing for yourself each day. Something that boosts your spirit. Because we all know that most of the time, the job of a mother, is a thankless job. (I promise when they’re older, and become parents themselves like my son, they become verrrrrry grateful, ha!) So for those of you mommas who never stop running, I’m thinking you just have to smell like a Cupcake. I’m serious, maybe smelling like a cupcake will help you get through the day. And that’s enough. It’s perfect even. Plus I always get compliments from strangers when I use my cupcake hair perfume! Who doesn’t love a little boost like that during the day?

Is there something that you do each day as a mom that helps you get through? What can you share with others that will be helpful? Let’s show those mommas some love! Comment below with your answers and follow me on TwitterInstagram,and Facebook for daily updates and save 10% off your order of $60 or more with code: STOCKUP.

See you next week,