Hair Fragrance Spray and Beachy Dreaming

hair fragrance spray and beach weatherHello my loves I am here to say that I am officially over this winter weather. I want to grab my Coconut Mango hair fragrance spray and run straight to the nearest beach. Obviously I say this as I’m snuggled up under two blankest on my couch with my fuzzy socks on and the heater blasting. I don’t know about you but I’m a firm believer that once Christmas has passed, then winter is no longer needed. What is the point of winter if there are no more holidays to celebrate?!

Hair Fragrance Spray

I mean don’t get me wrong, I know we have some holidays coming up, but they don’t necessarily revolve around snow or winter greens. So I say it’s time for them to go. Because nothing beats the sweet and tangy scent of Coconut Mango hair perfume. When you think of beaches I guarantee the first thing you think of is white sands and palm trees. And do you know what grows on palm trees? COCONUTS. And then next you probably dream of laying on the beach, the sun shining down and snacking on a beach snack. Guess what is a beach snack? MANGOS. So obviously…I combined the two for the perfect beach dream hair scent. Go get you a bottle girl and kick this winter weather out the door.

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See you next week,