Hair Freshener Spray and World Heath Day

hair freshener spray and healthLet’s get our fitness on my fine folks! Hair freshener spray and World Heath Day are basically best buddies. You sweat, you work out those toxins and get those endorphins and we provide your sweet smelling secret weapon! Hair perfume! The more you work the harder we work. So don’t stress it, we got it.

Hair Freshener Spray

What steps are you taking in your daily life to be more healthy? I feel like that’s what I spend half my time trying to do. Ha! But you know, the older I get the more I realize those doctors were right and taking care of my health is important. I’ve really been trying to eat more greens. Now I’ve done absolutely no research on this but last I heard it never hurt to eat a bunch of greens. Better than filling up on sugar right?

Okay you caught me, I had a cinnamon roll this morning. But I went for a long walk afterwards! It’s called balance. Or something like that. I also sprayed in Asian Green hair shots. I just love the way the hair fragrance reminds me of fresh rain. The scent makes me feel like I just woke up and the skies are gray and there’s mist all around. Normally some would hate the gloom but I love it. And Asian Green scented hair spray puts me in a good gloom mood.

For those of you who are also fanatics of Asian Green – how does it make you feel? How are you staying healthy? Do you have any tips or tricks you think I should try? Let me know in the comments!

See you next week,