Hair Freshener Spray + Memorial Day = Major Fun!

hair freshener spray and Memorial Day Happy Memorial Day Weekend my love birds! Like the title says, Hair Freshener Spray plus Memorial Day equals MAJOR FUN!

This weekend as we spend time with family and friends, we honor those who came before us and those currently out there fighting for our freedom. We celebrate you all! Thank you!

A Hair Freshener Spray Memorial Day

Maybe you’re even getting to celebrate with a soldier in your family who is finally home. How wonderful this weekend must be for you. Hopefully you are able to head to the pool or spend the day on a big lake! Now if you are at the lake, I hope you remembered to pack your favorite hair perfume. This week my go-to is Citrus Sugar hair fragrance. It’s a perfect clean, sweet smell to fight against the dreaded lake hair. Or pool hair. Citrus Sugar Hair Shots is also perfect for a beautiful picnic at the park. You know kids, always running around and then the adults running after them! You are all sweaty by the end of the day and need some of that sweet smelling stuff. Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered!

I would love it so much to hear about the soldiers in all your lives. Who in your family or friends is your every day hero? Please comment below and let us know who you are honoring this weekend. I would love the put a name with all my thank you’s!

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See you next week,