Hair Freshener Spray & MLK Day

Hair Freshener Spray and MLK DayHappy week my hair freshener spray friends! This week we remember the actions and life of Martin Luther King Jr. One of my favorite quotes of his is “The time is always right to do what is right.” This past year has been so wild and not one that I think any of us expected. But I think one of the biggest things we can take away from it is the important of kindness and the importance of listening to others. Especially those who may live life differently than you, their voices are just as important.

Cupcake Hair Freshener Spray

One of the ways that I like to be kind in and is also my top love language, is with gift giving. Sometimes having something small, just for you, in your life that makes you feel good can go a long way. I’m talking something simple, like lighting your favorite candle each morning, taking care of a plant, or even spraying in a spritz of some hair perfume. Like a bottle of Cupcake hair fragrance. The warm vanilla hair scent can truly be a mood changer.

There’s so much in this world that will get you depressed beyond depressed moods. I say, give something to someone or give back to your community. Nothing can switch your mood like putting good out into the world and helping others.

What can you do this week to help others? How can you give back this week and do what is right? Comment below with your answers and follow me on TwitterInstagram,and Facebook for daily updates and get free shipping on all bundles using the codeword: FREESHIP.

See you next week,