Hair Freshener Spray Your Way Into a Fresh New Do!

After a long week I think it’s time I hit that spa! The Sweet & Sassy spa for some hair freshener spray and a whole new freshened self! Okay so Sweet & Sassy is actually for kids…but sending your kids to a spa and having an afternoon without them sometimes feels like a spa for yourself too you feel me? This place is just simply incredible. I mean it!

hair freshener sprayHair Freshener Spray Spa

For starters, they always have an incredible staff who always knows what is current and trendy for kids cuts. So your little boy or girl can get the freshest look. They will also do a special looks as well. Need an updo for a flower girl? Have a fun parent and kid dance at school? They’ve got you covered.  Next, they put together amazing spa packages for all your precious angel girls. They have deals as simple has a mani/pedi all the way up to The Ultimate Spa package with facials and nail art and a snazzy up do! And the best part it, you can have your birthday there as well! So make sure you pick up your kid a brand new bottle of  hair perfume before you head out! They carry all nine hair scents.

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