Hair Mist Spray and Loving Our Teachers

hair mist spray and teacher appreciationWell school is officially in session for most of everyone out there. Who remembered to pack the hair mist spray in their backpack? You know it’s an amazing choice is working to deter lice! Talk about a perfect school accessory. So you don’t have room for your pencils anymore, we are living in a digital age anyway. Of course I’m kidding, please pack your pencils!

Apple Pear Hair Mist Spray

I’m thinking this year instead of getting your teacher a traditional fresh and crisp, straight from the farmer’s market apple, you give them a bottle of Apple Pear Hair Shots! Trust me, you work up a sweat running around and teaching children all day. Teachers work so hard so we should treat them every once and while and show our love, support, and gratitude for all they do. They also are not immune to the lice just because they are adults. Trust me. Remember, I was a teacher once.

What do you love about your teacher already? Or for those of you out of school, who was your favorite teacher growing up and why?

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