Hair Mist Spray and Tanning Spray ALL DAY!

Ahhhh mid-summer. Snap your fingers and suddenly it’s the middle of July. I’m just as shocked as you are, trust me. In my left hand I have a bottle of hair mist spray and in my right hand I have a bottle of tanning spray.  And I’m running to the beach and pool. I have got to soak up as much sun as I possibly can before it’s gone.

hair mist spray and coconut mangoHair Mist Spray and Lazy Beach Days

There is nothing I love more than packing up a beach bag full of my sun necessities and snacks. I almost always pack a large bottle of sunscreen, a bottle of tanning spray, a big floppy hat, chips, fruit, and OF COURSE a bottle of Coconut Mango hair perfume. If I’m laying on the beach all day and head to dinner afterwards, I want to actually smell like I’m coming straight from my private island. Because let’s be real, the ocean doesn’t actually smell that great. And the scent of sunscreen is only cute at the beach and not at the dinner table. So stock up baby!

Not only will I carry bottles of hair perfume in my beach bag, but also in my hiking backpack, carry on bag and all the other fun summer activities that require a bag. Basically, where there’s a bag, there’s a bottle of Hair Shots.

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See you next week,