Hair Perfume Loves Our Stores

Happy day my friends! What a wonderful week ahead of us. Grab your favorite hair perfume and let’s get going on our goals this week. I’ve been working on some personal goals (like going back to the gym!) but also some business goals. What are your goals this week?!

Hair Perfume Shout Outshair perfume and Number on Beauty

If you have business goals you want to accomplish raise your hand! I was to give a shout out to one of my favorite businesses that happens to be an incredible beauty supply store! Yes, of course they carry your one and only Hair Shots! But they have so much more than just hair fragrance. Every shampoo or conditioner, they have it. Need 100 different hair oils to choose from? I’m sure they’ve got them all. You want sun care? Skin care for all varieties? They have them. This place is a dream!

That’s right, I’m talking about none other than Number One Beauty Center. Located in sunny Santa Monica, CA, this is the place to beauty shop for all my Southern California friends. Did you know they’ve been around for over 35 years?! Uh, yeah, so I think they know a little thing or two about beauty and self care. They also carry candles, so if you are thinking of doing a home spa day, here’s your sign.

This week I’m using my Coconut Mango hair spray. Summer is almost here and I’m dreaming of beach days ahead of us. Get me on a boat asap with a fruity drink in my hand! What are your summer plans? Going anywhere fun this summer now that we can go out a little more? Comment below with your answers and follow me on TwitterInstagram,and Facebook for daily updates and get free shipping on all bundles using the codeword: FREESHIP. I can’t wait to hear from you!

See you next week,