Hair Perfume Spray & A Happy Easter!

Hair Perfume Spray and EasterHappy Easter dear friends! I hope you were able to spend the day with the most loved ones you have in your life! Today was a perfect Sunday. I love Easter Sunday. Wake up, put on a fancy new dress, spritz in some hair perfume spray, and head off to church! Immediately followed with a feast of course. Ham, deviled eggs, potato salad, green beans, and sweet sweet crescent rolls fresh from the oven. Delish.

A Hair Perfume Spray Easter

We had this sort of Easter tradition every year, where my mom would always buy us girls a new Sunday dress. Easter meant, the Lord is Risen, and we get new dresses! I continue the tradition to this day with my kids and myself. Always have to have a fresh new look and presenting that Sunday best attire. And nothing completes a new look, like a matching, on point, hair-do with several spritzes of Cotton Candy hair fragrance. Yes Cotton Candy! To go with all the Peeps I’m eating today! I know a lot of people find Peeps absolutely disgusting but they are my spring guilty pleasure. And Cadbury creme eggs. But I only eat them in April! I promise I’m somewhat healthy.

What are your Easter traditions? An Easter egg hunt competition? Easter egg dying? Something that doesn’t even involve eggs? Comment below with your answers and follow me on TwitterInstagram,and Facebook for daily updates and get free shipping on all bundles using the codeword: FREESHIP. I can’t wait to hear from you!

See you next week,