Hair Perfume Spray and Glama Gal Kids Spa

Hello friends! Did you know that hair perfume spray is developed and made in the USA, but you can buy us in Canada too? Heyo! Because you can! Now I know that almost everything is closed right now, but I’m already dreaming about all the places I’m going to after we are free to return to normal life. Like seriously, I’ve started making a list. At the top of my list you ask? Salons. All kinds. Hair. Nails. Waxing. Auto. Yes I take my car for it’s routine tune-up’s to a place with the phrase “auto spa” in it.

Hair Perfume Spray Spa Day

Hair Perfume Spray and logoI desperately need my nails done and a fresh hair cut. Now if you live near Oakville, Ontario, I’ve got an amazing spa that will be a fun treat to take your kid to. Because we all know that they need some special outing time as well! Glama Gal Tween and Kids Spa is the place to be when we’re all free. They have all kinds of spa packages that include anything from facials to manicure/pedicures to a glammed up hairstyle. They even through incredible parties. I’m sure lots of birthdays are happening during quarantine and they will need their time in the sun later too! And what can you give as an extra special treat? A new bottle of hair perfume spray of course! Why not try out a bottle of Citrus Sugar hair fragrance? It’s a perfect sweet and sour combo of deliciousness.

Have you also been making a list of all the places you miss and what to visit soon? What’s on your list? Comment below with your answers and follow me on TwitterInstagram,and Facebook for daily updates and save 10% off your order of $60 or more with code: STOCKUP.

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