Hair Scents & Beach Days

Hair Scents and Hair Shots on the brainTechnically we are a week away from the first official day of summer but this weekend my phone alerted me with an “extreme heat warning.” So I say it’s officially summer! Because whaaaat? I’m sweating like a sinner in church! Thank goodness I’ve got the full collection of hair scents by my side at all times. Ha!

Hair Scents & Summer

For real though, lake and pool days are ahead of us my friends. I can’t wait. But the heat truly is the monster of the summer and there’s nothing we can do to really escape. Even with the A/C on full blast, I still feel it. The heat creeping in, trying to ruin my day. How do I combat? With a bottle of Cotton Candy hair perfume of course! I’ve chosen Cotton Candy for this week because some of my family went to a little carnival this past weekend and nothing reminds me of ferris wheels and arcade games like a big ol’ fluff of cotton candy! It’s such a fun summer hair scent. And such a better smell than sweaty hair. Thankfully, a key feature of my hair perfumes, they work better the more you sweat! A true summer special.

What big summer plans do you have coming up? Are you an hour by hour vacation planner or more of a go where the wind blows you type? Comment below with your answers and follow me on TwitterInstagram,and Facebook for daily updates and get free shipping on all bundles using the codeword: FREESHIP. I can’t wait to hear from you!

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