Hair Spray and a Whole Lotta Beauty Supplies

Hello my hair spray lovers. How are we getting through this week? Can you believe January is over?! Time is flyingggggg and I don’t know why I never get used to it. You would think I would stop being surprised and yet, here I am, surrounded by bottles of Bamboo hair fragrance, pondering life’s existence.

Hair Spray & Never Ending SuppliesHair Spray and Hair Shots Location

Anyway, sometimes days and weeks can be so stressful and overwhelming that you just need something that’s just for you in order for your mind to get a rest. My thing is taking baths. I LOVE taking baths. I light candles, use different bath salts, create mood lighting and either play soft music or grab my latest read. And I usually will do a face mask as well. And there’s one place I know I can get all the things I need for a good at home spa day. Number One Beauty Center of course! While based in Santa Monica, CA, you can place orders over the phone. This store is really good for those of you who really know your hair and beauty care brands! They of course, stock Hair Shots!

Nothing calms me down like the sweet and soothing scent of Bamboo hair spray. This Earthy, woodsy, vibe of a hair fragrance is just what I need to trick myself into thinking I’m at a real spa. Aromatherapy anyone? Please and thanks. Grab a bottle and try for yourself! What do you do to get moments of rest and recharge? Comment below with your answers and follow me on TwitterInstagram,and Facebook for daily updates and get free shipping on all bundles using the codeword: FREESHIP.

See you next week,