Perfume for Hair and for Any Girl!

perfume for hair and fruity hairWelcome to November friends! What’s a perfect for fall must? Perfume for hair of course! This week I’m crushing on Apple Pear because I’m dreaming of Thanksgiving pies already. Goodbye Halloween…hello apple pie and pumpkin pie and turkey and dressing and super soft buttery rolls. Oh my goodness I’m beginning to drool, I need to slow down. But truly, Apple Pear is the fruity hair perfume perfect for any girl.

Perfume for Hair

I’m talking about all of you precious ladies! Whether you are super into makeup and beauty products or just need some soap and chapstick, we have got the scented hair mist for you. You could be a professional soccer player and still use Hair Shots. You could be a civil engineer building our beautiful bridges and still use Hair Shots. You could be writing the next amazing New York Times best selling novel and still use Hair Shots. Isn’t it so fun to think about all the different things that you can create and become in our world? The possibilities are endless. You can even become a small business owner just like me!

What was something that you always wanted to accomplish when you were younger? Is it something you have achieved? Or something you’re still working on? You are never to old to chase your passions!

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