Perfume for Hair Plus The Super Bowl!

It’s Super Bowl Sunday! Grab your perfume for hair and let’s cheer on the Kansas City Chiefs! Or the Tampa Bay Buccaneers…..(or the Chiefs!!). Which team is Amy rooting for…the world will never know.

Perfume for hair and Super BowlPerfume for Hair and for Athletes

Whether you are a pro football player or a little league soccer goalie, you need a bottle of Hair Shots. Because everyone stinks after they have been running around for a few hours. I don’t care who you are or if your the princess of Genovia, you will stink! My bottles of hair fragrance were born out of my daughter playing volleyball in the morning and then going straight to class afterward, no time to shower! She needed something like a bottle of perfume for hair. So Super Bowl Sunday is the perfect day to introduce it to your friends and family!

I know some of you may gather and some of you may not, either way, you’ll need a bottle of Watermelon hair spray to even out all the smells of game day food. I love me a good chili cheese dog, but after a few hours, I don’t want to be smelling it anymore! What food will you be cooking up this weekend? Are you planning to fire up the grill? Anybody making my favorite snack of cream cheese stuffed jalapeños wrapped in bacon or a crescent roll? Can’t go wrong either way!

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