Hair Shots Cotton Candy Hair Perfume

Cotton Candy



3 oz spray bottle

We get it – you’re on the go in life’s circus. No time to shower and restyle your hair after every three-ring adventure. Not a problem. One spray sweetens the sweat with the candy-licious locks and makes you the star of the show.

To Sweeten Your Locks: Lift hair and spray it directly on to your head.

  • Thin Hair (3-4 sprays)
  • Thick Hair (4-5 sprays)
  • Super Thick Hair (6-7 sprays)

Ingredients: Fragrance oil, water, and alcohol.

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Customer Reviews

  1. Amazing!! it smells so good/delicious 😍

  2. What a perfect summer scent. Sweet, powerful, but still somehow “fresh”! It smells exactly like the cotton candy flavored bubblegum I would pick up from the convenience store as a kid and takes me back to walking home with an allowance’s worth of candy. Wonderful.

  3. Cotton candy is absolutely amazing. The perfect sweet smell. Product lasts so long and keeps my hair fresh. Love when it’s the next morning (24 hours later) and I’m still smelling it!

  4. AMAZING!!!!!

  5. I threaten my brothers with this scent! I love it so much, works perfectly! Can also be used as a doggy spray bottle, to keep your pooches smelling gucci!?jkjk. But you should seriously use this product!

  6. this helped me get a boyfriend, now he can’t stop sniffing my hair. I give this a 48 out of 5 stars.

  7. This smell so amazing! I bought the cotton candy scent a little over a year ago and I still have about. 1/4 left. I will be purchasing the cupcake scent next. I spray this on second day hair and the smell lasts most of the day!

  8. OMG!!!! I love Cotton Candy! I bought it when I was at a hair salon for kids and I bought a bottle to try and I have 3 daughters from 22-13-10 & a 4 yr old son and we all use it including myself! I’m telling you that EVERYWHERE WE GO! People stop us and ask us what perfume we’re wearing and I tell them it’s actually hair perfume! Lol. I live in Louisiana now but was visiting my daughter in Austin this past weekend and before I came back I bought all the 3 bottles of Cotton Candy they had and the last CUPCAKE AS WELL! This product is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING AMY!!! I am going down again for Thanksgiving Break and Have so many orders to bring back. I’m also going on your website and gave them your website where they can order as many as they like! I myself will be ordering 1 of every kind you have in stock! I recommend this to EVERYONE ITS SO WELL WORTH EVERY DOLLAR FOR SURE! I even spray it on my standard poodle,shitzu and my moms dog too! The smell lasts for hours even days I’m sure for those who don’t wash their hair but every other day! It’s totally AWESOME! Everyone reading this MUST DEFINITELY TRY IT! I PROMISE YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!!

  9. I bought a bottle of the cupcake scent a year ago at Great Wolf Lodge. I had never heard of it until then and I’m so happy I got it. My daughter is 5, I fix her hair in the morning for school, then spray it a few times with this and she smells like a walking bakery. I can’t wait to try the cotton candy scent. Thanks Hair Shots! ?

  10. If this company went onto the show Shark Tank, it would blow up and the woman would be a millionaire. Honestly, Shark Tank worthy.. If the owner of Hair Shots is reading this, please take my advice! What an awesome product. Thanks for making my hair smell sweet as can be! I plan to try 3 more scents! God Bless ???❤?

  11. Ok guys these reviews are not lying at all I have the cupcake scent but I really want the cotton candy some day but the bottle last forever I have had mine for about a 1 year and it literally looks like I haven’t used it and it is very cheap and smells amazing!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. I freaking love this!!! It smells sooooo good and It lasts a long time too I’ve had a bottle since 2013 and it still works????

  13. My friend on my volleyball team has this fragrance and it smells so good I immediately had to search you guys and get some also. I can’t wait to receive mine!!

  14. I bought this for my little girl and we both LOVE it!! She is nine and has so much hair! A few sprays of this and her hair smells so good for hours! We can’t wait to try the other fragrances!!

  15. I absolutely love this product! I’ve been looking for something like this for a very long time. Thanks!

  16. My girls absolutely LOVE this fragrance!! It is so very YUMMY!!

  17. Just received my bottle in the mail and I couldn’t wait to try it! Here is a review I posted on my personal Instagram and Facebook pages: ? @hairshotsbyamy are something I need to share with the world! If you are anything like me…and you love EVERYTHING to smell good, especially your #hair..then you need to know about this AMAZINGLY YUMMY product!? I was recently visiting friends in ⭐️ #Texas, and they sent us home with this wonderful little bottle of #CUPCAKE hair perfume! I sprayed some in my hair, once..and was completely hooked? I just had to buy another flavor to see if it would smell as good, and last as long. So we picked #COTTONCANDY, for our love of the #statefair!? Yum yum! Wearing it right now???? A bottle only costs $11.99 and will last you forever, because a little goes a long way. (I promise I am not being paid to share this, just a sharer of good stuff!) it’s ?heat activated, so when you spray into your scalp, as soon as you do anything, it gently heats your head and releases the amazing, delicious scent??? If interested, visit their website at #HairshotsByAmy and start sweetening YOUR locks! Moms, spray down those sweaty boys before sports or outside play, so hugs afterwards are extra sweet!???? This isn’t just for the ladies…my son loves a spritz of cotton candy in his hair! They also have scents like #bamboo and #Asian #Green ??? #SweetenYourLocks WE LOVE OUR COTTON CANDY..State Fair inspired bottle! Delicious and perfectly sweet!

  18. This stuff is AMAZING!!! It smells soooo good and I get compliments all the time!

  19. Hi Mariah! No, Hair Shots is strictly a hair fragrance that keeps your hair smelling sweet all day no matter what age you are with out adding oil or drying the hair out! You will love how it works!

  20. I daughter really needs a new hair can it help to go her hair back

  21. Loooooovveee this!

  22. OMG! This stuff is so AMAZING!!! It smells so good. I usually use this for school, so this is really convenient. All my friends at school are always “Sydney your hair smells so good!”

  23. I bought this the beginning of the school year for my daughter. We have used this every morning and we still have over 1/3 left! So a little goes a long way. She always gets compliments on how great her hair smells. Great product! Cannot wait to try another scent!

  24. My absolute!! Smells so good and perfect for me and my daughter.

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