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Spring Break Party with Perfume for Hair

I’m gonna soak up the sun! Happy Spring Break my lovers of perfume for hair! Who’s hitting the beach?! Oh I can’t wait to lay out my colorful beach towel, spray on sunscreen, open up a bowl of watermelon and let the sun do the work. Sun’s out, bun’s out right?? I have been waiting all... Read More

Sail Away with Coconut Mango Hair Scent Spray

Is it summer yet? You put the mango in the coconut and spray it all up. What? That song doesn’t go like that? It wasn’t written about the coconut mango hair scent spray? It should have been if I do say so myself. I think maybe my next venture will be song writing. Hair Scent Spray – Coconut Mango Ok,... Read More

Hair Fragrance: More Than Just For Your Hair!

Hair fragrance is a way a life as this point. Could you agree? I think so. I mean before I walk out of the bathroom, I open up my cabinet to pick my poison. There are NINE to choose from each day! I mean my hair can smell like a different hair scent every day of the week. I love it. And since there are so many... Read More

Hair Freshener Spray Your Way Into a Fresh New Do!

After a long week I think it’s time I hit that spa! The Sweet & Sassy spa for some hair freshener spray and a whole new freshened self! Okay so Sweet & Sassy is actually for kids…but sending your kids to a spa and having an afternoon without them sometimes feels like a spa for yourself too you feel... Read More

Cupcake Perfume Hair Spray To Keep You Cozy

Do you ever have those weeks where you’re just completely obsessed with something? Like something you love already but one week you’re just like I LOVE CUPCAKE PERFUME HAIR SPRAY!!! Because that’s how I’m feeling this week. It’s been my go-to hair fragrance all week and I just can’t... Read More

Hair Mist Spray Your Way Into Someone’s Heart

Happy Valentine’s Day my loves! Are you going to hair mist spray your way into someone’s heart this week? Oh how I love this fun holiday! Most people dread it if they aren’t in a relationship but I see it as an extra day to celebrate ALL who you love. Like best friends and sisters and children and... Read More

Hair Fragrance Stays Active So You Can Too

The Winter Olympics begin this week! I hope they all packed a bottle of their favorite hair fragrance before they headed off to South Korea. Okay so maybe the entire world doesn’t entirely know of Hair Shots…yet that is. Oh they will know soon. Bahahaha! Okay so I’m not a maniacal evil villain but I... Read More

Hair Deodorizer Spray in a Location The Whole Family will Love!

Deodorant plus hair deodorizer spray sounds like a good smelling day to me. That plus brushing my teeth and my morning if off to a good start! How about you? Now that usually only takes me about 5 minutes. How long does it take you to do that plus make sure your kids have all done the same? An hour? Or me? Trust me, I... Read More

Hair Mist Spray into the New Year with Great Wolf Lodge!

Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year from us at Hair Shots! Did you get your favorite hair mist spray for Christmas? I hope you did! All the stockings in my family were full of them. 🙂 For most of you, I’m sure you had to travel somewhere to celebrate with family. And I know a lot of people who go and stay in... Read More

Hair Scent Your Day with a Primp and Blow Way!

Nothing gets me all stressed out and bent out of shape like the holiday season. Sometimes I just want to spritz a little hair scent here and there and be taken to a tropical island. Which I can, mostly, when I spray Coconut Mango. But then the dark starts barking, the kids run in, and suddenly I’m back to my... Read More
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