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Hair Mist Celebrates Memorial Day

Hello hair mist friends! Happy Memorial Day weekend to you all. I know this day can be really hard for some of you out there. So I am sending all my thoughts and prayers and love to you. But this is also a weekend that I hope you can all squeeze your family tight and make sure they know how much you love them! Hair... Read More

Hair Mist with Another Quarantine Holiday!

Hello hair mist lovers. If you have been following along you know I have been praying to God and begging the universe to get us out of this quarantine before we have to hit anymore holidays. Yet, here we are again. It’s Memorial Day weekend folks. Hair Mist Celebrates Memorial Day Who are you honoring and... Read More

Hair Freshener Spray + Memorial Day = Major Fun!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend my love birds! Like the title says, Hair Freshener Spray plus Memorial Day equals MAJOR FUN! This weekend as we spend time with family and friends, we honor those who came before us and those currently out there fighting for our freedom. We celebrate you all! Thank you! A Hair Freshener... Read More

Hair Perfume Helps You Too

Well it’s Memorial Day weekend and I have to say how grateful I am to have you guys, my hair perfume family, in my life. Yes, that’s right, I consider you all family. Because without you, Hair Shots wouldn’t be where it is today. Hair Perfume to the Rescue When holidays come around like these, ones... Read More

Memorial Day and Memorable Scented Hair Sprays

Memorial Day is one of those holidays that I feel most people don’t pay too much attention to, other than it being a Monday off work. But it’s a very important day for the United States. And I know you might find it silly that I’m bringing this up on a blog about scented hair sprays, but I speak my... Read More

Hair Shots: An American Company

I consider myself a pretty patriotic person. I am so grateful for the country I was born and raised in and for all those that served to keep it a country full of freedom. This coming Monday is Memorial Day and I hope you all have lovely plans to celebrate, remember, and honor. Hair Shots is a company that started in... Read More

Memorial Day Fun!

Happy Memorial Day everyone! I hope everyone is having a wonderful day in the sun while honoring those who have served our blessed country.  One of my favorite things to do during this time of year is have a cookout with family and friends. We fire up the grill with hot dogs, burgers, and veggie options too of... Read More

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