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Hair Mist Celebrates Memorial Day

Hello hair mist friends! Happy Memorial Day weekend to you all. I know this day can be really hard for some of you out there. So I am sending all my thoughts and prayers and love to you. But this is also a weekend that I hope you can all squeeze your family tight and make sure they know how much you love them! Hair... Read More

Perfume Hair Mist Feels Like a Vacation for Your Locks!

Hello my little darlings. I am living for Asian Green perfume hair mist this week. It is quickly becoming my life saver. With all this crazy rain and trying to grasp onto the last few days of summer this hair fragrance is truly my saving grace. Perfume Hair Mist for All Your Days Do you know how difficult it is to... Read More

Sugar Crush your Hair Fragrance with this Sweet Bundle

Hey ya’ll, it’s time to get it together and get back to work. We gotta get our hair fragrance on lock and get back to boss mode. We are week one into August and I am trying to hold on to summer for as long as I can but I can’t let my work load pile up much longer. I need to find a way to stay focused... Read More

Fall in Love with Apple Pear Scented Hair Mist

I don’t know what it is about summer turning into autumn, or even turning into winter, but nothing gives me a cold like a drastic weather change. I mean seriously why do leaves changing also mean runny noses, sore throats, and coughing keeping me up all night? What is that even about? Probably something science... Read More

Good Hair with Good Friends

Good friends help you have good hair am I right? Nothing like getting ready with your besties for a night out on the town and you all help each other get that perfect dancing look. I’m talking wavy curls, fancy braid, or a classic primped bob. Whatever hair is your blessing, a true friend will always make sure... Read More

Sweeten Your Locks and Stay Beach Ready

Sweeten your locks this summer every and you will always be beach ready! I’m serious! Let’s make a mid-year resolution. Celebrate a Christmas in July meets New Year goals type of holiday with me and pledge to spritz in your favorite Hair Shot every day to stay fresh and cool during this record high heat... Read More

Great Smelling Hair Comes With Great Responsibility

With great smelling hair comes great responsibility. Shhh. I did not just quote Spiderman. Okay, maybe I did. But I have a point! I want you to think about something. And this is for those of you who are dedicated Hair Shots wearers. The ones who wear a spritz every day. How many of those days do people ask... Read More

Fathers are Always a Bundle of Fun!

Happy Father’s Day my loves! How are you celebrating today? Did you buy your dad a scented hair mist bundle? Ha! Probably not, but hey, dads are stinky sometimes too. I remember growing up and always running in the opposite direction anytime I saw my dad about to take off his shoes. No matter how clean his socks... Read More

Let the Hair Perfumes Protect You!

As you know, there are many, many, maaaaaany uses for my hair perfumes. For starters, so your hair smells amazing. Obviously. There’s also the ability to also spray it on your furry pet friends! If it’s safe for you to use, it’s for sure safe for your beloved fur babies. You can even spray my hair... Read More

Water(melon) You Doing This Summer?

Why yes, I do think I’m punny. Don’t you? It’s already mid May and I’m dreaming of summer and picnics. YES PICNICS. And Watermelon. Watermelon hair spray. I want to eat Watermelon and put Watermelon hair spray in my hair. And you know what? I think my dream will come true this year. You want to... Read More

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