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Spring Break Party with Perfume for Hair

I’m gonna soak up the sun! Happy Spring Break my lovers of perfume for hair! Who’s hitting the beach?! Oh I can’t wait to lay out my colorful beach towel, spray on sunscreen, open up a bowl of watermelon and let the sun do the work. Sun’s out, bun’s out right?? I have been waiting all... Read More

Fall in Love with Apple Pear Scented Hair Mist

I don’t know what it is about summer turning into autumn, or even turning into winter, but nothing gives me a cold like a drastic weather change. I mean seriously why do leaves changing also mean runny noses, sore throats, and coughing keeping me up all night? What is that even about? Probably something science... Read More

Good Hair with Good Friends

Good friends help you have good hair am I right? Nothing like getting ready with your besties for a night out on the town and you all help each other get that perfect dancing look. I’m talking wavy curls, fancy braid, or a classic primped bob. Whatever hair is your blessing, a true friend will always make sure... Read More

Stars and Scented Hair Spray

It’s July 4th Weekend! Yippee! Stars and Scented hair spray…er, um, I mean stripes. No wait, I totally mean hair perfume! Finally a weekend full of fun in the sun. There’s going to be beach and lake parties. Followed up with yummy BBQ and roasting weenies! Then there will be bonfires and fireworks... Read More

Fall in Love with Scented Hair Sprays

Happy November my babes! Fall weather and scented hair spray are here to stay and I couldn’t be more thrilled. For some of us, the leaves are changing and the warnings of snow are just around the corner. And then for the other half of us, it’s still hot. This is what I get for moving to the south. Apple... Read More

Hair Fragrances and Snip-Its, A Winning Combo

One of the things that I enjoy most about my company, Hair Shots, is all the relationships I get to build with other businesses in the beauty game. A place that I love just as much as my own home is Snip-Its. Who carries our full line of hair fragrances of course! Snip-Its is a wonderful place to take your kids to get... Read More

A Fragrance for Hair for Every Mood!

I have to say, I have one basic “do” that I do with my hair. But some days my hair style is based on my mood. Do you ever have those days? Feeling cozy, so you toss up a bun. No time to wash, so you make a braid. Or some days, you’re feeling super glamorous…so you throw in some sparkle! Well,... Read More

Hair Shots: An American Company

I consider myself a pretty patriotic person. I am so grateful for the country I was born and raised in and for all those that served to keep it a country full of freedom. This coming Monday is Memorial Day and I hope you all have lovely plans to celebrate, remember, and honor. Hair Shots is a company that started in... Read More

Hair Fragrance Spotlight! Apple Pear!

Hello homies. How has everyone’s November been going? I can tell you that I have already noticed a few stores and restaurants playing Christmas music. I can’t believe it! And soon it will be time to gather up items for the stockings of the house. Hmmmm…maybe something like a hair fragrance? So... Read More

Hair Fragrance Testimonials to Brighten Your Day!

Hello yummies! I want to take a minute and focus on YOU for this week’s post. That’s right, I said YOU! There is nothing more than having my hair perfumes brighten someone’s day or make a little girl feel like a princess. I have had the opportunity to talk to many of... Read More
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