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Excellent Hair…or is it Eggcellent Hair?

Excellent Hair. Eggcellent Hair. Get it? Am I funny or what? I’m super funny. Okay, maybe I’m just punny. Maybe. But how could you not be? It’s the season of eggs and bunnies and chocolate and springtime and just all around goodness! And to me nothing smells quite like spring like the... Read More

New Hair Shots Website is Here!

Hello pretties! This has been a very exciting past couple of weeks for everyone over here at Hair Shots. When we weren’t in the lab cooking up some new on-the-go hair fragrances, we were working with our very important web team. They have been slaving my friends, on getting us a brand new, totally up to date and... Read More

California Dreaming….of Hair Perfumes!

Hello my lovelies! Another week, another state shoutout! Now one of the reasons I love Texas so much is that I love living in big giant states! The bigger the better! So of course I made sure Hair Shots are available in the big ol’ state of California!  It’s so pretty there and they have the perfect... Read More

Hair Shots: The Real Hair Fragrance Mists

So I hope everyone is having a splendid summer! Mine is going fantastical. But I must discuss something very important that I discovered recently. And that would be some products on the shelves that I have been seeing that also call themselves “hair fragrances.” But here is the catch… These ads are... Read More

State Shoutout! Hair Shots Available in Colorado!

In honor of my trip to Colorado this summer…it’s time for a quick shoutout to the stores in this beautiful location! If you live in the Westminster area, which is just north of Denver, then Pigtails and Crewcuts is the place for you!         ... Read More

Hair Perfumes: More Than Smelly Good Stuff

So you love Hair Shots. Who doesn’t? But you may be thinking to yourself, “this smells great and all, but is that it?” “Does this thing even have any benefits?” Benefits galore my ladies! I always say, my hair perfumes and fragrances pick up where shampoo leaves off! And this is what I... Read More

Product Profile: Coconut Mango Hair Shot, A Perfect Summer Scent

Hello my lovelies! Can you believe there’s only one more week left in May? Where has 2014 gone? We are almost halfway through the year! But I have been having fun with it and I hope you have too.  Hair Shots has been having a great spring and is ready to welcome in the summer. And nothing says summer like lying... Read More

Hair Fragrances Make Excellent Grad Gifts!

Tis the season for graduation! Whether it be from high school, college, or even beauty school, May means graduation. Which also means time to shop and find the perfect gift. And it most cases, that means picking up a gift card. But maybe you’re the type that likes to add a little extra something something to bag... Read More

Summer Camp Season is Upon Us!

Hello you! Can you believe it? It’s May! And summer is about to begin! I can’t lie, I’ve already laid out by the pool twice this week and only got a little burnt. Not too bad I say for the first dips out of the year. But you know what summer means? Summer camps! Hmmm…I wonder what would be a... Read More

April Showers Bring May…Hair Sprays!

You guys, I cannot believe tomorrow is the first of May! Spring is here to stay my friends! And with Spring comes spring cleaning!  So, it’s time to dust off those old bottles of Hair Shots and determine which ones need refilling. Oh, and also throw out anything that is not a hair perfume…obviously. I... Read More
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