“I just received my order and wanted to thank you for the excellent service and speedy fulfillment.  The product is fabulous!!!!  I am in love with the Asian Green.  I’m at the Family Y 6 days a week and exercise for approximately one hour each day…  This is just what I needed!!!  Fantastic!”

Sharon – Atlanta, GA

“Just a note to tell you that I LOVE your product! I have long blond hair and this scent lasts a long time.”

Dori – Waco, TX

My daughter just got done with an hour and half of soccer in this Texas heat and smelled like a sweet cupcake!!! Awesome!

Debra – McKinney, TX

I purchased this for my 8yo daughter. She has very thick, curly hair that tends to smell either dusty or musty. But every day that we’ve used this product, all I can smell is cotton candy, even after her school day has ended. The smell is great, and it’s definitely long-lasting!


I got this for my girls to try. They love that it’s heat activated. They have become so obsessed with this product… and so have their friends! This is why we literally have to hide it when their friends come over. We were going through this stuff like water! It does smell amazing and I love how long it lasts. I like that it doesn’t dry out the hair. Previously, my daughters were spraying body spray in their hair which I know contains alcohol (not good for the hair).

Amazon Customer

I have been a big fan of Hair Shots for a few years now.  I always get compliments from my college students (I am an Italian professor) that I smell like “cake.”  I always direct them to your products.

Kerra – Boston, MA

Thanks Amy. My clients love these 🙂 After coming here for a treatment and removal of lice, they are usually feeling pretty down. But, after they are all down, and when we do their hair all pretty, and put this on for the finishing touch, they love the smell and feel terrific. When we tell them they get the added benefit of masking the human hair scent which can deter lice….their faces light up and immediately want to know where they can get it for themselves! Thanks for making!

Lauren, Potomac Lice Lady – Potomac, MD

“This product is amazing!  Everywhere I went people were asking what is that great scent!  I’m African America, have an active Middle Eastern teenager, and a Caucasian child all three of us use it.  My favorite scent is the strawberry fragrance; it’s fun but sophisticated.  I wear it every day to spin class or just to have a great scent in my hair.  It’s even helped with eliminating cigarette smoke from my hair.  Thank you for such a great product!”

Darla – Wichita Falls, TX

“I just love your product. I have searched everywhere for a product that gets rid of that smoky odor without having to wash my hair every night after work.  Your Hair Shots works fabulously!  I’m sure that I am not the only one out there in the 21 and over range who would benefit from your product.  Try letting the party girls out there know about your product!”

Kim – Greenwood, MO

“What an amazing product!  Living in New York during the winter I wear a lot of hats.  I spray the inside of my hat before I put it on and when I take if off my hair smells great.  Thanks for inventing a great product!”

Fatima – New York, NY

“I first heard of Hair Shots through my niece.  I tried her watermelon spray and received compliments throughout the day about how amazing my hair smelled!  I now have my own melon spray and continued to receive complements each day!  I have never written a testimony before now but I firmly believe that this product is a hidden gem that both young girls and women alike will love!”

Karen – North Olemsted, OH

This sweet smell is light and pretty! I have to wear my hair up for work, so I spritz some on and put it up. When I take my hair down at the end of the day, it’s still there and the fragrance is amazing. It also helps to mask cigarette smells from the bar (thank god)!


“I’ve been using this product for years.  I’m a huge fan of the cotton candy, and I’ve just ordered 2 new scents so I’m excited to experience something new!  Everywhere I go, people compliment me on my cotton candy scented hair.  I love love love this product!”

Michelle – Dallas, TX

I received Hair Shots at a gift lounge from LA Fashion week. I am in LOVE! I recommend them to everyone!! I couldn’t imagine going through a blow out and not using Hair Shots to perk up my locks! Thank you!

Burgandi – Los Angeles, CA

This stuff is bomb. In my opinion smells like fresh shampooed hair. I put it on my braids,wigs,etc. I get compliments all the time about the wonderfultastic smell. Yea I said wonderfultastic!


I truly LOVE and appreciate your products soooo much.We started using Hair Shots right before my (boy/girl) twins started kindergarten because our stylist suggested them as a good lice preventative. Our favorites are the apple pear and citrus sugar (they smell amazing). I also love that they are gender neutral so they can both use it without smelling too girly or boyish.


I love these hair perfumes so much because my hair smells incredible all day long while never getting dry (like some hair perfumes can do) they’re also heat activated so you can smell even better the more you move.


Just wanted you to know that I used the bamboo scent all weekend long! I have long thick hair and when I stay outside it attracts the sun’s smell and surroundings (food ect). I love the bamboo! It’s a great scent to use for going out at night! I love the way it fads to a woodsy smell.

Lyn – Detroit, MI

Scent smells like the beach! Love it! I have struggled with stinky hair syndrome since childhood, and nothing has ever really worked. I’ve tried antibacterials, antifungals, antiviral, yogurt, sulfur shampoos; if they sell it, I’ve tried it, and nothing worked. Until Hair shots! The stinky hair is worse during summer months, but Hair Shots actually activates itself when it gets hot- perfect solution!

Amazon Customer

“I have several bottles of Hair Shots – for home, the gym, etc. – and love them.  I was also very impressed with your customer service at the time of my purchase.”

Mary – Seattle, WA

I love the apple pear scent!! I use it on myself daily. Smells AMAZING!

Pauline – Phoenix, AZ

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