Hair Fragrance Celebrates International Day of Friendship!

Happy last week of July! Can you believe it?! I’m starting to use my hair fragrance bottles as aromatherapy these days because I can’t get over how quickly this year is moving and I need my mind to slow down! Seriously sometimes I just spray some Asian Green hair perfume into the air and lay back on the couch and close my eyes. That, of course, lasts all of two minutes before someone needs something or some household or work task pops back up into my mind and I need to get things done.

Hair fragrance and hair shots on the brainHair Fragrance & Friends

Well, at least this week we have something to celebrate! This coming Thursday is International Day of Friendship. And I think this year we can all agree that our friendships have been put to the test. If it weren’t for my friends, I know this year would be harder than it already has been. So to celebrate and show them my love, I’m gifting them all Hair Shots Bundles! Specifically I’m giving them the Sugar Crush bundle. I have been doing an insane amount of quarantine baking and I think this bundle is just absolutely a perfect pair for all the sweet treats I’m dropping off for my friends as well. This bundle includes the hair perfumes Strawberry, Cupcake, and Cotton Candy. All the smells of beloved summer snacks.

How have you relied on your friendships during this quarantine and time of hardship? How have you been a friend to others? What have your friends done for you that you want to celebrate? Comment below with your answers and follow me on TwitterInstagram,and Facebook for daily updates and save 10% off your order of $60 or more with code: STOCKUP.

See you next week,