Hair Perfume Resolutions – Shape Up 2019!

I know we all say it. This is the year I finally get in shape. But what if it is? Set a goal and go for it! Pack that gym bag and remember the hair perfume! I’ve decided that this is the year that I actually stick to my resolutions. But I’m going to call them goals. I’ve laid them out and they are all genuinely achievable. I actually feel really good about them. And yes, getting the gym is one of them.

hair perfume and getting in shapeHair Perfume Fitness Pals

This year I’m going to implement the buddy system. One of my best friends is a marathon runner. I’ve always been so amazed at people who can run marathons. The stamina and dedication they have to have in order to complete a race is just astounding. This weekend he told me that what really helps him with his training is a running group that he recently joined. And I thought to myself, yes, that’s amazing! It makes all the sense in the world. When you have others in your life cheering you on and helping each other stay accountable, achieving your goals becomes much easier.

So I called on some of my other gal pals and we created a group fitness pal chat. We promised to text each other every week and discuss what we did to get active. Now, we aren’t trying to run a marathon, at least, not yet. But even taking a yoga class or running a mile or even making sure we are drinking enough water is how we plan to start. I believe that starting small and working your way up is what will really help myself and my friends this year. I can’t wait to hear how we all do every week! Now getting to the gym is a little bit easier.

And of course, my other fitness pal is my Cupcake hair fragrance. Some days I need to hit the gym early in the morning to get my day going. So I super want to smell delicious all day. Nothing like that sweet vanilla aroma to keep you going.

What are your goals for 2019? Comment below and let me know so we can all keep the encouragement going. And which hair scent will be your scent this year?

See you next week,