Hair Perfume & Winter Months

winter hats and Hair perfumeThe winter months are upon us which means so many more places to spray hair perfume than just your head. Whaaaaaat? You heard me. If you are new to this blog, let me share a little secret. I spray Hair Shots all over my house and clothes. Seriously!

Hair Perfume Winters

Especially in the colder months, I will be spraying all over the place. The biggest things are beanies and scarves. Because how often do you remember to wash those pieces unless you spill something on them? Never! And if you are putting that same beanie on your head every day for a week, I think it’s gonna start to build up a stench and we are not about that life. So grab a bottle of Strawberry hair fragrance and get to spritzing!

I know we are past “strawberry season,” but it’s my favorite fruit and I don’t care. I’m gonna smell like it all fall/winter if I want. Who wouldn’t want to smell like a beloved sweet berry?

What winter looks are you going for this year? Who has the best beanies? Or are we doing different kinds of hats? Ya’ll help me, what’s the trends these days? Comment below with your answers and follow me on TwitterInstagram,and Facebook for daily updates and save 10% off your order of $60 or more with code: STOCKUP.

See you next week,