A Hair Fragrance For Every Summer Adventure!

Okay this weekend was a heat doozy. I mean I was using every hair fragrance I’ve got left and right and up and down and all over. Air conditioner on full blast baby. High bills be darned. Welcome to June! And I have a feeling this weather is going to stay a while. But with summer also comes a whole bunch of outdoor activities and exercises. We can’t help it! It gets warm and we head outdoors. Sometimes I feel like this is when we need to hibernate. When it’s cold I can always add on more layers but when it’s hot…I mean I can only take off so much!

Hair Fragrance Stays Active With You

hair fragranceBut oh how I adore summer adventures! As much as I love snuggles on the couch with a delicious cup of coffee and cozy blanket watching a romantic comedy. I also super love kayaking. And hiking. And camping and paddle boarding and swimming and boating and frisbee golf and all sorts of things! All these activities make me feel so strong and independent and accomplished. But they also all make me feel very sweaty. And sometimes I’m super hungry afterwards and just don’t have time to wash my hair before I head to dinner with friends! Oh the beauty of hair shots. This is honestly where they come in clutch and the whole reason for their existence! These hair fragrances actually become more fragrant the more you sweat. I mean what a dream! Every hair scent is heat activated. The hotter you get (wink), the more delicious they get. So before you head off on a giant boat or jump in a car for an epic road trip, make sure to pack your go-to hair perfume so you always smell and feel on point.

Let me know in the comments what you will be up to this summer!

See you next week,