Coconut Mango Hair Perfume + You = Perfect Combo!

Good day friends! It’s time to take out the summer hair perfume and get it going in the sun. This June I’m keeping Coconut Mango hair fragrance within reach at all times. I just want to smell like a tropical adventure forever and always. Is that too much ask? I think not!

Hair Perfume Summer Dreams

hair perfumeHave you thrown a bunch of fruit into a blender and hoped for the best? Well that’s what I did one day when I hadn’t been to the grocery store in a while but was craving something absolutely sweet. All I had was some coconut ice cream and frozen mango chunks. I also added in some coconut milk. And voila! An instant smoothie hit. I mean it was just so absolutely delicious I had to make it one of my very first hair scents! That’s right folks, good ol’ Coconut Mango has been around since the beginning. Can you believe it? It’s a classic at this point!

I also love having it around when I’m stuck indoors, grinding away at my computer, in total boss mode. All it takes is just a sniff and I’m instantly in a better, more relaxed mode. So if you’re stuck in the office all summer, don’t fret! Get Coconut Mango today and spritz your worries away. Then hit the pool or beach on the weekend! Remember to enjoy the summer even if it’s full of work.

Comment below how you escape work stress and enjoy your weekends!

See you next week,