Back 2 School Shopping: Perfume for Hair Edition!

No Amy! Say it ain’t so! Oh, but it is. It’s almost time to get in that back to school shopping. And here’s where I think you should start first…Hair Shots! Yes, stock up on your perfume for hair or how else will you smell good all school year long?

Perfume For Hair and the Booksperfume for hair

Textbooks? Check. Fresh spiral notebook paper? Check. Bright blue pens and sharpened pencils? Check. Apple Pear Hair Fragrance? CHECK and DOUBLE CHECK! You guys, this is the hair flavor of the season for this fall! I mean nothing is more iconic for school than a juicy red apple. Get you some frutifying freshness and start getting those A’s! I just know this is the year you get that 4.0! Or make the team you’ve always wanted. Or get that part in the play! Pass the AP test? A new start is always the best start. Find your goals and go get them this year. You can graduate. And you can pass kindergarten! Whatever year of school you are in, listen to me, it’s going to be great. You are going to do so well. And your hair is going to smell amazing! I love you all.

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See you next week,