Blow Outs & Hair Freshener Spray

Ya’ll this heat is killer. But do you know what else is killer? Getting a blow out and adding in some hair freshen spray to keep it long lasting! Can I get an amen? If you have never had a bottle of Hair Shots before and just need to smell them before you buy, head on over to Marbles Beauty Salon because they carry a full stock. Plus a day at the salon, duh!

Hair Freshener Spray To Play

hair freshener sprayHonestly, if I’m ever having a rough day or week, I love going to get pampered. It just feels like all my problems and stresses are washed away as their washing my hair. The hair dresser is just cutting out all my anxiety with each snip of hair. I mean can you imagine if that was actually true? Because just for the day it sure feels like it. Sometimes you just need a day to escape. And if you have a little one, they can escape with you! Marbles offers this awesome thing called Sweetie Pie Services catered just for the little girl and boy in your life. So go out there and get pampered!

Just remember, before you leave, head into their product store to start your sniffing spree of hair perfumes! Currently I can’t get enough of my bottle of Coconut Mango hair spray. Honestly, it’s just my way of feeling like I’m on a tropical island every day. I mean, what a dream.

Comment below on how you de-stress and which hair fragrance is your go to this summer!

See you next week,