Hair Mist Helps in this Heat!

Hot weather alert! My hair mist babies get ready to start spraying your life away. My goodness I feel like I’m melting. Am I melting? Can you even see me anymore? Oh yes, that puddle of mess over there in the corner? That’s me. Melted. Because it’s so insanely hot right now! Good thing hair perfumes only work harder the more you sweat. Can you say “what a dream?!”

Hair Mist Weather Alert

hair mist

Where’s the best place to go when you just can’t stop overheating and sweating? The beach of course! Nothing like cooling off in that beautiful ocean or lake. But, like, no one wants to smell like all that day? No offense to giant bodies of water that keep us cool…but you don’t keep us smelling fresh like a nice bottle of Asian Green hair fragrance! Talk about a breath a fresh air with this hair mist. Hello rainforest! Or if you really want to get in on those beach vibes, Coconut Mango hair scent is the way to go. Talk about feeling like you’re on a tropical island! Even if you’re just down at your local neighborhood pool. Grab a floatie, a sweet beach towel, and a bottle of hair shots and head out friends!

What’s your favorite beach to hit up? Or lake? I have a friend who swears by Michigan lake! I do too! But who doesn’t also love those Florida beaches? Nothing like warm sand on my feet and the sun on my body. Comment below your best way of cooling off in the heat and give me some tips! I’ll provide the hair mists. 🙂

See you next week,