What’s Bamboo With You? Hair Perfume Just For You!

Ya’ll it’s hot. I mean, if you didn’t think summer was here, you are mistaken my friends. I’m grabbing my bamboo hair perfume like every hour because I am sweating up a storm. It just makes me feel so refreshed!

Bamboo Hair Perfume

hair perfumeSure, it’s hot, but I just can’t help but to want to be outside all summer long! It’s so easy to just get trapped inside avoiding the sun, but honestly how much tv can I watch? And I’ve read all my books. Twice. Time to get active. I just want to flaunt the flora of the forest ya know?! And I can! And you can! We all can with Bamboo hair fragrance! Let’s get back to our roots and getting woodsy with it. Raise your hand high if you’re going camping this summer! This is the hair shot for you my babes. What about hiking the tallest mountain you can find? Oh, then you’re definitely going to need some bamboo hair mist.

Anyone hitting up a theme park? Just as full of adventure and nature too! Girl, grab you a bamboo bottle. And also lots and lots of water bottles. Remember to stay hydrated! We need you smelling your best AND looking your best. Which means staying healthy with enough water during this heatwave!

Comment below where you will be taking your bottle of Bamboo Hair Perfume with you this summer and don’t forget to snap a pic!

See you next week,