Bamboo Hair Freshener Spray Is Your Number One

Hello my loves! New week, new hair freshener spray I can’t get enough of – Bamboo! I’ve recently taken up yoga and it’s got me feeling all kinds of connected to the Earth and my inner peace and yada yada yada. You get it. Honestly, when I spray Bamboo hair perfume in right before class, the scent transforms into some kind of therapeutic aroma and just really helps me focus and get in the mood.

Hair Freshener Spray Feels

hair freshener spray and hair shots locationSuddenly I can smell the fresh trees, hear the ocean, feel the rain on my fingertips, and I’m transported to my favorite place…California! No seriously, I am! There’s so many natural wonders to see and explore. And if you too wish you could see and explore and smell amazing then you need to get yourself down to Santa Monica! Why you might ask? Well in a wonderful little place called Number One Beauty Center, you can now shop the full Hair Shots line! They also carry and extensive stock of all kinds of beauty and hair products. If there is something you need to smell good, to moisturize, to straighten, to add volume, anything you can think of, they carry it! Plus it’s only two miles from the beach. That’s like a ten minute drive! Stock up and then get in some fun down at the pier.

I just keep thinking how wonderful a day of Bamboo and Beaching sounds…like a dream! Comment below your favorite place to shop Hair Shots or where you think we need to be stocked.

See you next week,