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Hair Deodorizer Bunny is On The Way!

Happy Palm Sunday! Celebrate with a basket full of hair deodorizer sprays! Easter is just one week away. My niece went and saw the Easter bunny and my goodness it was the cutest thing I have ever seen. But what a hassle I’m sure it was. She isn’t always down to take photos with bunnies. Are any of you... Read More

Hair Deodorizer Equals A Happy Hanukkah!

Happy Hair Deodorizer Hanukkah! What? That’s not how you celebrate Hanukkah? Are you certain? Positive. Hmmm….okay. Let me re-think this. Right! Eight days of celebrating! Eight days of gifts! And guess who has eight (actually nine) different hair fragrances?! Me! If you wanted to, you could have one to... Read More

Hair Shots Takes On Volleyball

It’s that time of year again ladies! Volleyball tournament season is upon us and I could not be more thrilled! Up first, Hair Shots will be seen at the Mizuno Lone Star Classic happening April 11-13 and April 17-19. Most of you know how my daughter grew up on the volleyball court and was my inspiration for hair... Read More

New Hair Shots Website is Here!

Hello pretties! This has been a very exciting past couple of weeks for everyone over here at Hair Shots. When we weren’t in the lab cooking up some new on-the-go hair fragrances, we were working with our very important web team. They have been slaving my friends, on getting us a brand new, totally up to date and... Read More

Happy Easter Hair Shots Fans!

Good day my lovely followers! Wasn’t today just a beautiful day in lovely North Texas? If you don’t live here, you should. It was sunny and breezy. Perfect combination. And of course it was the perfect weather for me to use my Bamboo hair spray, so yummy and outdoorsy! And Easter wasn’t that half bad... Read More

Hair Perfume Events: 1 Down, 1 To Go!

Alright you guys, I mentioned last week that I would be at the 2014 Mizuno Lone Star Classic this past weekend. And guess what? I went. You are welcome. Ha, but in all seriousness, it was fantastic! I got to see so many new faces! I was also able to talk on and on about Hair Shots and my personal on-the-go hair... Read More

Back to Back Hair Fragrance Events!

Hello folks! I am a wee bit late in posting this week because it has been crazy hectic but I have good news! I have two upcoming events! Yay! The 2014 Mizuno Lone Star Classic Volleyball Tournament is taking place THIS weekend! Annnnnnd….NEXT WEEKEND too!! So, April 12th-14th AND 18th-20th, you know where to... Read More

Wrap Up: Scented Hair Sprays Vs. Boys

This weekend was just absolutely fabulous! Thank you to all the people who came out to my booth during the Crown Jubilee Championship hosted by the Spirit Celebration cheer organization. While the weekend was long and exhausting, I was able to see so many smiling faces and returning customers!  Not only were people... Read More


Ladies and Gents! This is the week of the Crown Jubilee Championship hosted by the Spirit Celebration Cheer Competition organization. All day March 22-23 I will be at the Curtis Culwell Center in Garland, TX with my beautiful on the go hair fragrance product booth! Please come see me and stock up on all your favorite... Read More

New Hair Perfume Event!

The weekend of March 22-23 will be the Spirit Celebration Cheer Competition also known as the Crown Jubilee Championship! It’s taking place at the Curtis Culwell Center in Garland, TX. As you know I love me some cheer competitions and hope you will all join me there as I will be there during the entire duration... Read More

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