Hair Deodorizer Equals A Happy Hanukkah!

Happy Hair Deodorizer Hanukkah! What? That’s not how you celebrate Hanukkah? Are you certain? Positive. Hmmm….okay. Let me re-think this.

hair deodorizerRight! Eight days of celebrating! Eight days of gifts! And guess who has eight (actually nine) different hair fragrances?! Me! If you wanted to, you could have one to give away each day. Plus an extra. How amazing is that?

Hair Deodorizer for Everyone

However, if having that many options is just maybe too many options, then I’ve picked out my top three for easy shopping.

For the “cool as a cucumber” type loved one, go for Asian Green. They’ll be having dreams of rainforests and tropical getaways.

For your witty and sassy friends, Citrus Sugar is the one for them! This perfect combo of sweet and sour is sure to tickle their fancy.

My final choice is for all the spunky and girly and frilly chicas in your life! Bring on the sugar with Cotton Candy hair perfume. They’ll be sure to feel like the star of the show with this one.

So bring on the latkes and yummy wine. L’chaim! Stay safe and have a wonderful Hanukkah from me to you.

See you next week,