Perfume for Hair…and for Holiday Bonfires!

Perfume for hair…and for bonfires? Listen, obviously I’m not saying you spray the hair perfume into the bonfire. That wouldn’t work very well. Or would it? Now I’m starting to wonder if it would change the smell of the fire? What I am doing, this is the not the point of the blog this week. But I think the holidays have got me all distracted. Good thing there’s always a nice fire to wind down next to…

perfume for hairPerfume for Hair

That’s what I love the most about the holidays. The weather is all nice and chilly outside so the fire on the inside is all nice and warm. So if you have a fire inside or a fun holiday bonfire going on outside, Hair Shots will be there for you. Nothing gets out the smell of smoke like a nice spritz of Asian Green. This particular hair scent always makes me feel like I just washed my hair. The hair spray is so fresh and clean its like it came straight out of my shampoo bottle. But you know Hair Shots, always picking up where shampoo leaves off.

I also have another tie-bit for those who live in the south. So we all know that down here, barbecue is basically a way of life. And nothing comes between a Southerner and their smoker. Oh man do I love me some excellently smoked brisket. Woah does that put me into a good mood no matter what. With a nice side of mashed potatoes and green beans. But here is what can turn that frown upside down. Dealing with the smoker. Being around the smoker. Even just stepping within 50 feet of the smoker, you still walk away smelling like you are the smoker. So…just like Hair Shots saves the day after spending a few hours around a bonfire, Hair Shots does the same for too much time spent around a good ol’ smoker.

Spritz in some perfume for hair today and never worry about a smoke smell ever again.

See you next week,