Hair Scent Your Day with a Primp and Blow Way!

Nothing gets me all stressed out and bent out of shape like the holiday season. Sometimes I just want to spritz a little hair scent here and there and be taken to a tropical island. Which I can, mostly, when I spray Coconut Mango. But then the dark starts barking, the kids run in, and suddenly I’m back to my house in Texas dreaming of a far off place.

Don’t let the stresses of the season get you down. This is supposed to be a time filled with love and family and friendship! But if you need a day, even a few hours, may I suggest heading to the salon? Maybe a specific one? Like, oh I don’t know…Primp & Blow?

hair scentPrimp & Blow & Go

They do it all I tell ya. You can get your makeup done. You can get false eyelashes! Plus fake hair. Which is really hair extensions. Hmm…I do have short hair… Plus of course, blow outs! It’s in the name after all. Whatever you need to boost your mood, Primp & Blow has got it covered. How wonderful does that sound?

Check their website for all their locations and head over to once ASAP! I’ll be over here wrapping up lots of hair scents for all my loves.

See you next week,