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Hair Deodorizer Spray in a Location The Whole Family will Love!

Deodorant plus hair deodorizer spray sounds like a good smelling day to me. That plus brushing my teeth and my morning if off to a good start! How about you? Now that usually only takes me about 5 minutes. How long does it take you to do that plus make sure your kids have all done the same? An hour? Or me? Trust me, I... Read More

Hair Mist Spray into the New Year with Great Wolf Lodge!

Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year from us at Hair Shots! Did you get your favorite hair mist spray for Christmas? I hope you did! All the stockings in my family were full of them. 🙂 For most of you, I’m sure you had to travel somewhere to celebrate with family. And I know a lot of people who go and stay in... Read More

Sweet & Sassy and All Hair Smells Classy!

This 2016 year is going strong and I could not be more proud of Hair Shots and wonderful fans, users, and readers like yourself for your continued love and support. To say thanks I wanted to let you all know that I am working very hard to get your favorite hair smells in locations near you! I know online shopping is... Read More

Hair Fragrances and Snip-Its, A Winning Combo

One of the things that I enjoy most about my company, Hair Shots, is all the relationships I get to build with other businesses in the beauty game. A place that I love just as much as my own home is Snip-Its. Who carries our full line of hair fragrances of course! Snip-Its is a wonderful place to take your kids to get... Read More

Blowouts and The Best Hair Perfume

There is just something about getting a Brazilian Blowout. That so soft and smooth feeling it leaves your hair is invigorating. Who likes frizz anyway? But nothing kills a killer look than stanky hair. After your blowout you MUST grab a bottle of the best hair perfume there ever was and will be forever. And Marbles... Read More

New Retailer for Scented Hair Mist!

Update alert! I’ve been working hard for you and in the past few weeks, especially hard for the folks in Washington! On a side note, I wish I had your rain right now! This heat needs to go. Anyway, Spark Hot Yoga is officially a new retailer for your favorite scented hair mist!  At Spark, they work hard to... Read More

The North Needs Heat Activated Hair Perfume

Dear Northern United States, bless your hearts. Love, The South. Heard ya’ll had some ice and snow. So did we. We shut down for one whole day. Did ya’ll get a day off? Heat Activated Hair Perfume headquarters shut down to snuggle in and drink some coffee and snack on warm freshly baked cookies. But... Read More

Perfume for the Hair for the West Coast!

Are you on the West Coast? Girl I got you covered. Perfume for the hair is available for YOU! The Pacific Ocean and I are pretty much best friends. I love hitting up that coast. And when I’m at the docks or floating on a boat, the wind is always blowing through my hair. Twisting and twirling it and filling with... Read More

Hair Perfume goes Coastal

This week I have decided to highlight the places you can find hair perfume on the East Coast which may or may not have to do with my obsession with Gilmore Girls. I just started season 7, almost done! Anyway, East Coast Hair Shots locations.  There are 14 states that are technically considered to be on the East... Read More

Fragrance Spray for Hair Loves Texas!

Most of you know that I like to highlight all the different locations you can buy your beloved fragrance spray for hair if you don’t want to shop online! And tonight I want to give a shout out to my home state! TEXAS! They say everything is bigger in Texas and nothing is bigger than everybody’s hair. The... Read More
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