Sweet & Sassy and All Hair Smells Classy!

This 2016 year is going strong and I could not be more proud of Hair Shots and wonderful fans, users, and readers like yourself for your continued love and support. To say thanks I wanted to let you all know that I am working very hard to get your favorite hair smells in locations near you! I know online shopping is all the rage but some of us are a little impatient sometimes. (Guilty!) And we need that one thing we love so much immediately. And sometimes that’s your favorite hair perfume! I ran out of Cupcake hair fragrance the other day and had to grab a new bottle as soon as possible. So I feel ya.

hair smellsOne of my absolute favorite locations to keep stocked is the astounding spa, Sweet & Sassy. This salon is ALL about the kids. They work on totally trendy hair cuts and looks for boys and girls and even put together spa packages for the chicas. They want you to just have the most perfect day when you go! And it’s a super great place to throw the birthday party of a lifetime with a hot pink limo attached. What an amazing way to feel like a celebrity for a day right? And to have your hair on point? YES PLEASE.

Check out my Facebook page to get the stitch on all the new locations and find other locations here. No matter where you are, there’s always perfect hair smells just in reach.

See you next week,