Coconut Mango and Summer Hair Scents Dreaming

Okay I know it’s just the beginning of April but I have summer fever! I want beaches and pools and the smell of suntan lotion mixed with yummy hair scents. Specifically Coconut Mango hair scents.

hair scentsThis tropical tango of that coconut we love so much (hellooooo coconut lattes!) and literally the greatest fruit of all time, mango, sends me straight to the waves. I’m surfing on the highs of hair perfumes.

To be honest I’ve never actually been surfing, but I think I’d be pretty good at it. Maybe possibly a pro at the beginning. LOL! I’m obviously kidding, but getting a delicious head of locks is the goal and Coconut Mango hair scent is the way to go.

If you want yummy summer hair, get Coconut Mango now!

See you next week,