Lone Star Days and Scented Hair Sprays

Volleyball is where it all started folks. Hair Shots was imagined through the morning practices and long weekend tournaments my daughter went throughout all her childhood. And we loved every minute of it! Because of volleyball, you have nine, amazing, wonderful, yummy scented hair sprays to choose from every day.

scented hair sprays Coming up this month is the Lone Star Classic. I will have a booth set up all day April 16th and April 22nd just for you. This is one of the tournaments I look forward to every year. There are so many games going and so many fabulous people and players to meet! You would be hard pressed to find something I enjoy more than talking to my customers and loyal supporters. It is so fun to talk about new scents, ideas for the next ones, and giving demonstrations on how to fully utilize the potential of your scented hair sprays.scented hair sprays

I don’t normally post photos of myself but check me out on the right at last year’s tournament! Look how fun my booth looks! It’s going to be just as adorable this year I promise. So come on out and play tough. Be a team player. Be encouraging and lift up your teammates and competitors. Stay positive and stay smelling great all day with Hair Shots!

See you there and see you next week,

Amy h