Cotton Candy Hair Mist and Travel Tips

Tis the season! For traveling! Make sure you take your favorite bottle of hair mist so you don’t get stuck somewhere without it! Although I do have lots of domestic locations where you can easily restock. But those traveling internationally…well I’m just not there yet so stock up now!

hair mist and travel tipsHave Hair Mist, Will Travel

One of the best things about Hair Shots is the conveniently sized bottle, 3 ounces baby. Oh, what’s that TSA requirements? Any bottles containing liquids must be under 3.4 ounces? Well will you look at who’s following government rules. It’s Hair Shots! That means your beloved bottle of hair perfume can go in your carry on!

Because let me tell you, I travel often and usually on a 2-3 hour long flight and I always feel so gross when I land. I feel like I haven’t showered, I smell weird, my hair is all over the place. You would think my flight was actually 13 hours long. So, my favorite thing to do before I leave the airport is to hop in the bathroom, splash some cold water on my face, touch up my makeup, and then spritz in some hair mist. And bam! I’m refreshed and ready to take on my new destination. Does anyone else do the same?

This season I’m brining along my bottle of Cotton Candy hair fragrance. I’m just in this playful, sweet, mood and Cotton Candy really helps that feeling stay strong. It will be the perfect companion during the ginger bread house making competition! A family tradition!

Where will you be traveling this holiday season? What are some of your favorite family traditions you are looking forward to most? Comment below!

See you next week,